Foolproof sous vide ribeye steak recipe

Dinner last night. A foolproof recipe for rare sous vide ribeye steak, paired with a Vietnamese zucchini noodle salad a, fried onion rings and roast potatoes.

Since getting our Joule sous vide cooker from Chefsteps, we’ve been trying all our favourite recipes to see if sous vide is all it is made out to be. The result – an absolutely tender, juicy and meaty ribeye steak, cooked to perfection.

Just a quick note on the Joule. Some commentators have called it the Apple of cooking devices and it is – sorta. The Joule is a sleek, one button, app driven device that goes straight into your favourite pasta pot (or cooler box or whatever you have that can hold enough water so submerge your food) that cooks your food in a consistent water temperature.

Your food by the way is protected by either a ziplock bag or if you’re fancy or need to cook for longer than 7 hours, a more professional vacuum sealer. The result of this cooking method, is always tender, juicy and succulent (there I used all those words in a sentence) meat. From poultry to fish, steaks to eggs, vegetables to custards. You name it, the Joule could probably cook it.

For this recipe I sous vide two ribeye steaks in the bag with goodies (fresh tyme, a splash of olive oil, pepper and smoked paprika) for 40 minutes at 122F. This cooks the steaks to blue. Finishing them off with a quick 40 second sear on each side in a piping hot griddle pan after the sous vide cook brings the internal temperature to rare – just the way we like it.

The Vietnamese salad dressing and cilantro balances very nicely with the thyme & garlic rib eye and the crunchy potatoes.

Next time I’ll work on the plating presentation. I was just too hungry to bother.