Strawberry & turkish delight meringues

We recently celebrated a family member’s birthday with one of Nico’s specialities, Eton mess. I have always loved the combination of sweet meringue, fluffy whipped cream and tart fresh strawberry, but hadn’t eaten it in this manner until Nico returned from his first trip to London. Nico’s dessert was made with store-bought meringue nests, but it inspired me to make homemade meringues, with the bonus of more Eton mess!

While searching for recipes I was intrigued by a blog post on strawberry meringues with their beautiful white, red and pink marbled swirls, which were adapted from a Valentines raspberry meringue recipe – what a sweet idea! I also referenced my trusty copy of Cook & Enjoy for its meringues recipe to come up with these strawberry & turkish delight meringues.

The chunky strawberry jam I used gave the meringues an extra chewiness. It also, along with the food colouring, added a whimsical pink colouring to these cookies. If you would like a more natural treat you can omit the food colouring.

The turkish delight meringues I made for one of the children’s birthday parties in the past were very popular, inspiring the use of rose water here too. Of course this can be substituted with vanilla essence or left out entirely to let the strawberry jam flavour feature on its own.

I used a tablespoon to spoon out the meringue mixture onto the baking sheet, so my meringues turned out to be huge and took much longer than anticipated to bake. Next time I will use teaspoons to shape smaller meringues! If you find the meringues are not cooked to your satisfaction at the end of the hour you can bake them for longer, checking at 10 – 15 minute intervals.

Overall this is an easy recipe to make. It does take a while to dry out the meringues, so I would suggest planning ahead when making them. These meringues were gobbled up by the children so quickly, I had to hide some for our Eton mess!