Paprika – some like it sweet, smoked or hot

Paprika - Smoked, Sweet, Hot

Sweet, smoked or hot – paprika spice comes in different flavours and colours but one thing is sure we love it.

I mentioned before that I’m pretty partial to smoked paprika and as a result many of my dishes tend to include a liberal sprinkling of this heavenly spice.

Paprika is a spice made from ground, dried fruits of bell pepper or chilli pepper varieties or mixtures thereof. It is often used for flavour and colour, and turns out to be the fourth most consumed spice in the world.

Until recently I had some Spanish smoked paprika which is rather mild in heat but has a distinctive oak flavour. I’ve yet to find smoked paprika around Johannesburg and I’m always on the look out for this spice on my overseas travels. On my last trip to Austria, I finally managed to find Rigler’s, a shop in Salzburg that stocked smoked paprika – but as my luck would have it the shop was closed when we arrived on the Saturday and many shops were closed on Sunday.

Rigler's Salzburg spice deli
Rigler’s Salzburg spice deli

On the last night before we left Vienna, an expat South African and I went out for dinner at the Vienna Naschmarkt. Lo and behold! A spice merchant with tonnes of paprika of every flavour and colour. To say I was beside myself was perhaps a bit of an understatement. I stocked up on both the sweet and smoked varieties.

Paprika - Smoked, Sweet, Hot

I left Austria a very happy camper and very much looking forward to try out some new recipes with my new spice find. Unintended but quite interestingly, my hand luggage smelled like smoked paprika for days after returning back to South Africa.

For inspiration, paprika can be used in a variety of dishes adding just the right amount of smoky flavour and colour. Try using paprika in some of these lamb, pork, chicken, fish, vegetable or sauce recipes:

Happy cooking.

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  1. Where can I find sweet paprika around JHB? I used to bring it from overseas, but I run out now. Thank you.

    1. Hi Andrea,

      We have found smoked paprika at Woolworths, but haven’t specifically seen sweet paprika around town as yet. Once we do we will definitely be in touch.

  2. You are able to get the full range of La Dalia Smoked Paprikas – Sweet, Hot & Bittersweet at Thrupps. Alternatively, our contact details are on

    1. Darryn, you’re a lifesaver. Will definitely pop past Thrupps for a quick fix. Your website has amazing products on. We’re planning a nice big shop. Thanks for reaching out.

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