Honey raisin crunchies

honey raisin crunchies

I have fond childhood memories of the crunchies my Granny made when we visited her in Joburg. Chewy, buttery and delicious, they were amongst my top favourite tea time treats. Part of the allure was that it was such a novelty. Back then Pretoria and Johannesburg were very far apart and we didn’t visit often. We would sit with the […]

Cheesy broccoli & cauliflower soup

Cheesy broccoli & cauliflower soup

We’re experiencing an extraordinarily early spring in Joburg, and with the change of season comes… the common cold! The children are feeling sickly at the moment and what better than a comforting and healthy bowl of soup to help them feel better? I found this delicious cheesy low-carb broccoli & cauliflower soup recipe from Kalyn’s Kitchen […]

Rooibos iced tea

Rooibos espresso iced tea

We like our rooibos tea and I particularly love a good cup of red espresso or red cappuccino as an alternative to coffee. For those who just arrived on the planet, welcome. Let me introduce to you rooibos tea. According to Wikipedia: Rooibos is usually grown in Cederberg, a small area in the region of […]

Pickled red onions

quick pickled red onion

My grandfather used to pickle or chutney every conceivable ingredient he could lay his hands on. One of the more successful and lasting endeavours must be his pickled red onions. This is super simple and takes only 10 minutes to make. Ready to give a lift to any sandwich, or add a tart, sweet and […]